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Roadside Assistance

Pullman colleague outside reaching for a traffic cone infront of lorry

Flexible commercial vehicle roadside assistance, recovery and support.

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Market leading roadside assistance and incident management support for commercial vehicle operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keep you on the road.


Do you ask yourself the following questions:


Can I get cover for all commerical makes and models?

Can I avoid annual membership fees with a 'pay-as-you-go' service?

Is fixing my vehicle at the roadside a priority over a tow service?


24/7 Assist

We provide a breakdown rapid response service, for:

  • All sizes and mix of fleet, from nationwide transient fleets to small local fleets
  • For all marques and models of commercial vehicles
  • Full UK coverage
  • Calls handled through our own Customer Service Centre
  • Competitive tariff to suit your operation

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Why choose Pullman?

Pullman is the largest independent provider of Commercial Vehicle Maintenance and Fleet Management in the UK.

National Network

Pullman has a network of 27 workshops and over 150 mobile service vans.

Skilled Technicians

Including an extensive mobile team - a true one stop shop for commercial vehicle maintenance and fleet management.

Customer Service

We have a national customer service centre, which operates 24/7/365 to provide 'best in class' fleet management solutions.

How can we help?

Have a question, need some help? Contact Pullman today.